Since I can imagine it has always been my dream to own a bus. I guess I was at the age of 10 or 11 when I asked my father for the first time whether I can get one; however, the answer was clear.
In-between times my view changed several times and I wanted to have a Pick-up or a hearse, but in the end it came always back to an ordinary van. The crucial beginning of my uncommon relation to cars…big cars…is probably the fact, that I grew up on my father´s petrol station, still I am clearly satisfied with the happenings and developments of my passion.
After school I started to work and all my earnings were kept for my one true dream. I was looking for old T3 busses and already tried some out, but I could never catch the feeling that those were mine.
I waited for two more years, searching, informing myself and still keeping money for the great moment. Subsequently, the company I worked for sold their T5 busses and that was my chance. I applied for being taken into consideration – the demand among the colleagues is large – and I got one!! Finally, I am a proud owner of a VW T5 Transporter, which has already some extras I wanted to add anyway. 

Currently, my boyfriend and I transform it into a camper. We already installed the insulation and a beautiful PVC floor. The walls and ceiling were lacquered in green colors and the next aim is to build a bed and enough shelves to stow the whole camping equipment.

Our first trips are already slated – some festivals and a three-week trip through France and Spain in June and July. We are both so looking forward to hitting the road and I am definitely going to report all our new experiences on my blog.
So stay tuned to get another insight into the life of two passionate van-travelers. 

The insulation is done and the walls are built-in and on top of that, we already spent the first night in it. I could sleep well and didn´t want to get up :-) 

The ceiling is to be put in again and a wonderful bed with enough drawers is planned. I am so excited :-)

It´s not done yet, but we are ready for the first festival!! We did the rest of the insulation, the ceiling and lots of small things. The bed is built and I already added some decor....girls stuff^^
Now are two days left until we are going to hit the road and spend a weekend in that wonderful van. I am sure I will love it and I won´t get enough of it.


Today we´ve added another shelf, a few new power points and roof racks. Furthermore, it´s getting more and more beautiful and cosy. Take a look!

I am fairly astounded about how expensive camping equipment actually is and how much different stuff you are really in need of while you are on the road. On our first festival we compiled a list with all the things coming to our minds that would be a good addition; it is a never-ending list though...
Enough drawers and boxes to stow things and also fasten them in the van, cool boxes, lights and cooking stuff are only the basis, yet to get those things started you need power, special adapter and a good organization how to integrate all that behind the walls. I don´t want to stumble upon a cable or anything like that and on top of that I want to feel comfortable with its appearance.
It amuses me to build all that and also to spend money on such important things. In the end it helps you much and you almost don´t need to resign anything from home what is an absolute plus factor.
The more things we add the more convenient and easier it is to spent a couple of weeks in the bus. I guess it will always be an ongoing project. 


1. Das Baskenland
2. Grand Canyon du Verdon  
3. Slovenien  

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